Can Your Vision Board Motivate You To Make a Positive Change?

Think of the world as it is today. Realize that you have to search for positive things about the world we live in and even in our own lives. Unless you live on a farm in the country with no internet service, newspaper service and so on, it is likely that you get hit with negative images and words all the time.

By creating and looking at a vision board, multiple times, it is like swallowing a happy pill. This is especially so, if you included images of the people who you love in life. Having a vision board with just material things, can manifest them but you want joy and happiness with the people you are doing this for.

 All the images, buttons and text that you have placed on your board, gave you joy while searching for and installing them. Now you get to look at all this marvelous material and it is surely going to motivate you in many ways. You will be motivated to look for everything positive in your life and your surroundings. It will motivate you take many different actions, from creating more vision boards to really wanting to buckle down on your goals.

Your board will motivate you to take action. Remember before you created your board, you probably got out of bed and thought about another day on the hamster wheel. You have created something special and spending a few minutes looking at it once you arise, will prompt you to take at least one action towards your goal. Many times, people will say, “I just don’t feel motivated.” Motivation doesn’t drop out of the sky. You need to create motivation by focusing on what really matters to you, if you want big results.

When you look at your vision board, you get different feelings from it. There is joy, expectation, happiness and energy just for starters. The number of positive feelings you get from your board, act like a high powered rocket for your motivation-to get out there and take massive action. Your first massive action will inspire you and the great feeling you get will stack one on top of the other. Eventually you have a wall of positive energy that vibrates. It is impossible for the universe not to take notice at this point. You see success from your vision board and you are motivated to build on that success.

When you have a big vision and are clear about what you want, it is easy to get motivated to take action. Picture starting your career over at the very beginning. You are sitting with your best friend and you both just got out of high school and are wondering what to do with your life. The conversation might go like this. “What do you want to do? I don’t know, what do you want to do?” Without planning, goal setting and having clarity on exactly what you want from life, the world in front of you looks rather foggy.

Vision boards will help you make positive changes in all areas of your life. Be clear about what you want and never stop until the universe delivers what you desire.

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