How To Start a Vision Board Party

Hosting parties can be time consuming but very rewarding. Many professional scrap bookers, hold parties to teach people how to create their own cards, photograph albums and even vision boards. Scrapbooking and vision boards can go hand in hand because of the tools used.

You do not need to be a pro scrap booker to hold a vision board party however. A vision board party is simply a way to get people together who have a very common goal and then learn from each other.

While your guests should have a common goal, the idea is to have a wide variety of people. Try to get a group of people from different work areas, ages, different hobbies and yes having an introvert or two included is always a good idea. The mindset of introverts and extroverts is quite different but each group can bring something to the table.

While everyone should bring a small staple of their own supplies and their own bare board, as the host you should stock up on a wide assortment of magazines, old books with pictures and lots of sticky type note pads of varying shapes and sizes. Have some extra scissors, glue and such, since there is always going to be one or two people who forgot their supplies or were running late and didn’t have time to grab stuff.

Have everyone introduce themselves and give a rundown on why they wanted to attend the party. What do they want to achieve? If you have someone at the party who has created and used a vision board with great success, make sure to give them ample time to tell their story. 

Many people are uncomfortable when attending parties and take a while to settle in. You should make sure to on your invitations to tell people this party is scheduled for 6 pm to midnight or something similar. This gives you time to warm people up.

Perhaps a quick party game to get everyone loose and laughing. While you will be serving some food and beverages, it best to stick with water/soft drinks to start the evening.

A glass of wine to cap off the evening is fine. You want your guests clear headed to give their best during the creation of their vision boards and not have any issues with people getting home safely afterwards.

Stay away from messy foods, like a big pot of spaghetti or your famous hot wings. You want to keep your work area clean and people trying to get ahead of the game by flipping through magazines with barbeque sauce on their fingers, will create a mess. Go with a variety of salads, mixed cheese or even veggies and dip.

You put together an awesome list of people and hopefully you have some understanding of what music you want to play softly in the background. It cannot be distracting and pulling attention away from the creation of the vision boards.

Everyone should be encouraged to share their boards during the creation and afterwards. Seeing another person’s board can be extremely helpful in understanding how to get the juices flowing and start attraction what you want in your life.

It’s very likely that some people will gather totally new ideas and either add to their boards straight away or create a brand new one that serves them better.

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