Step by Step Guide to Creating Your Vision Board

We will now cover all the elements that you need to create a powerful vision board. The only limits in creating a powerful board are the ones you impose upon yourself. But you’re not going to do that because you now believe that you have no limits.

Read that over again if your belief in yourself needs a good talking to. Now then, first then up, is scheduling the time for your vision board. Building one is not a twenty minute exercise. You need anywhere from 2-5 hours over a day or two.

Find some quiet time and let your mind go over what you want in your life. Make some journal notes as to where you want to go. Once you have that, it’s time to collect your supplies. You will need a piece of Bristol board, or perhaps cork board which you can easily get at Staples or Walmart for starters. You aren’t limited to Bristol or cork. You can use a nice large clean piece of cardboard if you have some around the house.

Decide where you are going to get your images from. Many people use magazines that have images related to what they want to achieve. If you don’t have magazines, it is easy to get some from friends, a recycling depot or even Craigslist. For other images, you can use postcards or inspirational pin-on buttons.

Do you have a really good quality color printer? If so you can grab images from the internet and print those out to trim later.

You want to choose what you know will stimulate your mind when you finish your board. Be careful with the images you choose. As you pick an image, if you start to get a negative feeling, you have to either discard that image or take some time and work through why the image is causing negativity.

Let’s look at this example. Perhaps you have worked hard all your life. Yet, your bank account is always low, the apartment you live in has seen better days….and you cut out a picture of a nice four bedroom, two bathroom house. Suddenly as you look at the image, you feel negative. You start doubting that you can ever own a house like that.

In this case you have two choices. You either need to discard that image and find perhaps a smaller 3 bedroom house that you totally believe can be yours or work through the negative thoughts and break down that limited feeling. You need to believe 100%, that you have the power within you, to make what you vision come true.

Decide on the powerful statements/affirmations you want on the board, next to your images. You can write the affirmations used bright colored pencils or if you want the affirmation attached to the image, then use the sticky note variety that comes in various “arrow,” shapes.

Further tools that you will need, include scissors for cutting out the images and trimming them to size. You will need to attach your images, so if it is on Bristol board, you will need glue.

For cork board, purchase a small box of the colored push pins to secure your images. The sky is the limit for tools used in vision board creation.

The supplies are inexpensive and if you have no issue with spending a few dollars, consider getting a rubber stamp made.

The idea would be have a short super affirmation on a rubber stamp. You could then press it into the accompanying ink pad and apply it in one or more places on your vision board.

Let’s not stop there. You just created your most powerful message. Why not apply it to as many physical spots as you can.

Spend a lot of time in the garage and have some empty wall space? Apply that message there. A hobbies room? Get a youngster to put the stamp to a Bristol board over and over again.

Kids love this stuff. Once your board is full, find a spot to hang it. Your imagination should run wild here.

The idea of creating your board is to put only images and phrases that are going to ignite your vision. In this case, you need to go with less is better.

While making a collage of images/words, you do not want it to be overwhelming to the point, your focus is taken away.

You also want to create the board with the idea of “how do I want to feel in regards to this?”

The biggest mistake people make in creating a board, is they start cutting and clipping images while forgetting the main purpose. They get overexcited as they get images set and the next thing they know, they have images of Rolex watches, Porsche sports cars and a star athlete’s mansion.

Your feelings about what you want must be totally aligned with the image you glue to the board. Once you put your board together in this manner, take the time to sit back and look at it.

Look at each image and phrase. How do they speak to you? Any image or phrase that does not invoke a sense of pure excitement and feeling 100% that your vision will come true…should be removed and replaced with one that does.

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