Vision Board vs Dream Board

Frequently you will see people referring to a vision board and a dream board as being the same thing. They are actually different and should be used hand in hand. The best way to achieve goals is to break your goals down into 90 days, rather than for a year. The idea is the same with vision vs dream.

Vision boards should be about what will happen in the short term. This is where you learn to connect with yourself and the universe. In building a vision board, you look for images and phrases, which represent what you need in your life right now to take you to the next level. When we talk about putting an image of a house on the vision board, this should be the house you need at the moment…a house that serves your needs. A dream board house, would be the house you need in the later phase of life… with all the comforts you ever desired.

You want to find images and wording-that will activate your RAS and start high powered visualization to take action on. The sooner that you can use the science of attraction, the faster you will build the foundation. The dream board goes on top of the foundation you just built.

The dream board is the items you wanted in your life and perhaps didn’t have the courage or financial background to attain yet. Think bucket goals like climbing Mount Everest which requires massive planning and training or achieving success to the point that you can take two months off and travel all of South America.

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