Vision Boards Work in Every Area of Your Life

Vision Boards Work in Every Area of Your Life

  • Business – Vision boards can and should be used for any type of business. Whether you are a sole proprietor or part of a large organization, vision boards help to focus on goals and gain clarity as to what you want to attract to your business. More clients, money and of course continued growth. The ability to create a vision board and share it with friends, family, co-workers and likeminded communities… means you get plenty of feedback. With feedback, you can adjust and tweak your board from time to time and make significant growth.
  • Wealth is something that the vast majority of people want. Yet it is best to remember that attracting wealth through a vision board takes some serious thought. Gaining wealth and then hoarding it, will not bring happiness.

The true purpose of a vision board is to be well rounded. When creating a vision board about wealth, spend time thinking about what you will do when the money begins to appear. Will you share it with family and friends? Will you do good deeds, like contribute to charity and help those unable to help themselves? How will wealth give you joy and happiness?

By all means, you should visualize wealth. There is enough abundance in the world and you have the power to attract it and use it for great things.

  • Health – Everyone wants good health. It is well known that our thoughts can cause some health issues. For example, major stress in your life can translate to back problems.

Some of the thinking in regards to this-is the blood flow to the back area, can be disrupted, causing the small muscles to constrict, which in turn make the larger muscles overwork… causing pain.

Creating a vision board with images of how you want to feel mentally and physically, will attract opportunities into your life. In creating a health board, you need to first decide what you believe in. Everyone will have a different board.

Some boards might have pictures of vital herbs that can be used to make healthy teas or to add into their food. Others might have images of someone getting a massage with healing crystals that are said to invoke great health.

If you do not have a strong belief or get a positive happy image in your mind from herbs or crystals, then you would omit that. Make notes of what images work for you. People exercising and healthy fruit/vegetables for instance.

Once you get your images, then it’s collecting the other items for your board and start building. Start visualizing eating healthy and working out to become the best you.

  • Home – For vision boards based on your ideal home, think of not only the exterior but the interior as well.

Make notes of how many rooms you want. Do you want a speciality room, like a meditation room with a fish tank or objects that give you peace and tranquility?

Visualize being in the house and walking each and every room. Thinking about how your house smells is also powerful. As you walk in your mind through the house, can you smell roses or savory herbs from your kitchen supplies?

How does each room make you feel and how would it positively affect your family? Make the home a very happy place that you can enjoy every minute.

  • Relationships – Vision boards for relationships are great for individuals or couples.

As an individual who wants to attract a certain type of person into your life, a vision board can give you a much clearer idea of what you are looking for in a partner. Again, everyone will have something different. You may not have much emotion around a physical type but you might become ecstatic at attracting a loving, caring individual into your life.

For couples, a vision board can clarify what your relationship is and where you want it to grow. The vision board should express what you want from each other and the life you want to build. Include what hobbies you would both enjoy, the travel you want to incorporate as well.

A deep meaningful connection is a wonderful thing for a couple and using a vision board can help you to find the things that will bring more passion and love to your relationship.

  • Self-care is something many people struggle with. Depression, anxiety and feeling of inferiority can affect anyone. Creating a vision board and visualizing happiness, feelings of total relaxation and being at peace with yourself is wonderful.

Images of people meditating and doing Yoga, with positive affirmations like, “I am full of joy and radiate pure love,” will make your vision board amazing.

  • Family Plus Friends – Want to have a wonderful time? Then consider doing a family vision board. What a great rainy day activity. Before beginning this fun activity, look at where you live. What space can you use, a spare room, the basement or the garage? You will be creating a large vision board, probably made up of multiple pieces of Bristol board or brown paper for example.

Once you have decided that, hunker down with your family and start the ball rolling with lots of questions. Tell your family that there are no wrong answers and basically anything goes. Get set to learn things about your children and perhaps even your spouse-which you never knew before. Asks questions about what they want to be, want to do right now and in the future.

For example, do they want to travel, collect anything special or what they want to become in the future?

Get a large amount of supplies ready and get to pasting the images of perhaps Disneyland or Australia on the vison board. Have lots of markers as well. This vision board exercise should be lots of fun…maybe even make it a pizza party as well.

When you look at your friend group, do you have a number of friends who share the same mindset as you? Are they reading positive books, look for documentaries that add value to their lives? Are they givers, meaning that they already want to give back to the community/world they live in or that they have talked about such things?

Gather these people for a vision board party. This is an opportunity for everyone to take a break from life, unwind and have a lot of fun.

As with your family, you’ll want to make a party of it and gather up lots of supplies to help others with their boards.

Creating boards with friends will give you new insights and also strengthen your friendship. Great friends are always there for you but sometimes life gets in the way.

Vision boards with friends is an opportunity to go back and realize how you made these great friends and how you can achieve your visions together.

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