Creating a Vision Board For Your Business- A Step by Step Guide

Vision boards for your business are essential and you should seriously consider having more than one. In this section we will go over a step by step process of vision board success.

  1. Having a business plan will keep you on track. If you do not have a business plan and do not want to research how to create one, there are freelance business writers who specialize in that. They will interview you and then create your plan from that.
  • Vision boards for businesses may be different depending on the size of your business. In a large scale business, it is a good idea to assemble a team to build the board.

Each person will bring a unique vision to the creation process. It is possible that tasks for building the board will be assigned to different people, depending on that person’s strength. As well, it is likely that the vision board will be much larger than the Bristol board type. In fact, the white board will probably be used and this will take up a large portion of one wall in the meeting room.

Schedule the time needed to complete the board. To make the process completion a reward time-this would be the opportunity to have luncheon with the team.

Assemble everyone and discuss the board as a whole.

Make sure to allot enough time that each person can point out their contribution. You want them to explain to the group why they choice the images and words. Then they should tell why those images and words moved them.

Have them explain the feelings they get when they look at their portion. Is it joy, total belief, a desire to be totally successful? Write it all down in a journal, so that it can be reviewed.

  • Once you have your business plan, attach it to your vision board. Now look for images that will help you achieve success in reaching your goals.

Ideas for this are, perhaps you need an investor for capital. Then find pictures of people or business’s that may be interested in helping your business grow and put that on the board.

Starting out, you may be a sole proprietor. You want to have 3-5 great people working for you. Find images of where you would go to connect with people like this.

Perhaps you need a graphic designer and are willing to try someone who just graduated from a graphics course. You could get an image of that college and put it on the board.

Build out your board with the positive images and sayings that you need to attract what you want.

  • Each business board will be different. We can use an example here just to get you started. Some businesses do well even in a recession, like those that sell coffee or chocolate.

In this example, you have one coffee shop that sells specialty coffee and dark chocolate. But you want to expand of course. On your vision board, you would put an image of what you want your 2nd coffee/chocolate store to look like. You would want an exterior image and an interior. Where do you want to expand to? Do you want to stay local or grow nationally? Find a map of the area you want to expand in and have it reduced to a size that will fit on a large board. Mark the spots where you want your 2nd, 3rd, 4th stores and more. Use some colored arrows to go beside those stores, with affirmations to make it happen. Have a goals space. Here you want to list out exactly what your expansion goals are, with a time frame to have it completed. Then write down the big “Why,” under that.  

Another example would be that of a real estate broker. That person would have a business vision board that would include a map of the territory they serve. Then they would put down what they want to earn, with images and affirmations that match. It would also be important for a broker to have an image of any real estate award they want to win.

Most sales organizations have a level achievement that all seller strive to reach. This is a high motivation for anyone in real estate. In life insurance, all reps are conditioned to make it to the “Million Dollar Roundtable.” This is the highest honor they can receive.

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