Creating a Vision Board in Your Journal

Vision board journals are fun to create and quite portable. This means they can be viewed virtually anywhere, like a dentist office waiting room that does not allow cellphone use. Because there are already multiple pages, you can continue to build onto your vision board and layer each success with a new vision.

A vision journal requires a different type cover than a daily journal. While daily journals might be moleskin, your vision journal needs bright colorful covers that create a positive attitude the moment you pick it up. There are journals available with various animals or pattern designs. If pictures of baby animals move you to feel joy, then you may want to find a journal like that.

Another tip you can use is to wait before clipping out images from a magazine and get clear on what you want. A sentence may come to mind like, “I want to have a healthy body and a healthy mind in order to achieve my best results.”

You could then reduce that sentence to one word that creates a massive pleasurable feeling. The word might be “energy,” or “electric.” Words move us. They can give us very pleasurable feelings. That is why poetry sparks great feelings.

The word electric is powerful. You should use it often. Look back at the poem by Walt Whitman, in his 1855 “Leaves of Grass.”  It’s called, “I Sing the Body Electric.” How does that sentence make you feel right now? Energized, excited…electric like high voltage?

This are the types of words and images, you need in your vision journal and hand writing them is also powerful.

Inside the cover, you can apply dried flowers or dried herbs that give off a very pleasing scent. You will use many of the same types of tools to create a vision journal or planner as you would a large board.

Yet in a journal, it is more likely that you will use some of the pages for doodling. This is being creative at its best.

Before beginning your vision journal you should go through the same process of getting clear on what you want to ask the universe for. What do you want to attract into your life?

After you have glued in your images and written your affirmations or powerful statements, set aside some blank pages to come and doodle in. When you doodle, first take a few deep breaths and clear your mind and then just begin. Let it flow and see where your creativity takes you.

Another section of pages can be used for a YES or NO set of columns. You have your goals and in this section, you can point form what you will do and what you won’t do. In other words, if someone offers you an opportunity because you have put your intentions out to the universe, you can come back to the journal and see if that offer fits the YES or NO column. This is perfect for weeding out the offers that do not move you forward.

The back page of a vision journal is a great place to list out the books you will read to improve your mind. You can make a list and beside it, write a brief statement of what this book means to you. How will it make you feel? How will it help you achieve your goals? Only pick books you get a very strong mental image and feeling from.

You can do your vision journal as a collage, layering one image over the border of another. Yet another way to do it, is like a mind map. Put a large image central on the page and use smaller images to branch out from the larger. Either way needs to get your imagination and law of attraction moving forward.

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