Do You Like Coaching? Start a Vision Board Workshop

One pathway to success is being a coach. Many people struggle in different areas. They need help and of course are willing to pay for it. Many people will hire a coach, achieve success and then hire a more advanced coach to take them to the next level. Lifestyle coaching is huge and being a Vision Board coach is one way of adding to your income stream.

Doing a webinar on vision boards might be the first thing to come to your mind. To be really successful at it, then consider doing your workshops in person. You’ve built a vision board.

You understand the attraction process because your dreams came true due to what you visualized. Others need your passion and your experience.

It’s not necessary to have some certification in coaching. You have real life experience and people will know, like and trust you, when they see you in person and hear the passion in your voice.

You need to spend quality time planning out your workshop. The first item of business is coming up with a title for your workshop.

Grab a clean notebook and come up with ten great titles. Slowly work your way through, crossing out ideas until you are left with the best. Decide how long your workshop will be.

Take into consideration, whether or not you have spoken before in front of people. If you have not done a lot, then practise in front of a family member or friend and get feedback. Get them to rate you for voice quality, passion and the ability to get your message across.

You do not have to be perfect but you do need to be able to speak for long periods of time and maintain your flow. If you have not spoken in front of a crowd, then keep your first workshop small. Decide how many people you feel could be in the room and you would have them spellbound.

You will need to rent some space in your area. There are many venues that can accommodate you.

Make a list and start calling to find out times available and what they charge. From that, you can decide how much you need to charge per person for your workshop, in order to pay the room fee and make a profit.

Profit! Absolutely you want to make a good profit and in this, you also need to decide how you will allow people to pay for the workshop. You need payment upfront and decide about cancellation times and if you will charge a fee for last minute cancellation.

You are booking a room that has to be paid for, so make it known to your potential clients that they have to be serious about attending. How they pay is really up to you.

Since they are paying in advance-a mobile phone with a credit card swipe won’t work. It will have to be PayPal, a credit card merchant account if you have one or a money order.

You will also need to find out how long you can have the room for and write that down. Once you get it narrowed down and make your decision, go ahead and book the room. Don’t wait. You need to go with the idea that there is no turning back and you are going to visualize a supremely successful workshop.

Work out where you will connect with potential clients. If you are on LinkedIn with a good number connections, you could start posting in there.

Create a Facebook fan page, use your Twitter or do some YouTube videos.

Creating a landing page and explaining your workshop, with an opt in box, is also another possibility. Think about the people whose email address you already have or can get with little effort.

You will want to set up an email system for several reasons. Aweber is the best one to use but if you are on a tight budget, there are free options. In getting email addresses, you will be manually importing the data or the address will be added when someone opts in.

You will want to put together an information sheet-that details the workshop, what people should expect and what you will be bringing to the conversation. You could use this sheet to tell people what supplies they need to bring and what the day or days will include, depending on how long you make your course.

Sharing your success story and the success stories of others, will help to sell this workshop. When you have success in building and using a vision board, it is a great idea to teach your family and your close friends to do the same. They can be your first unpaid clients and telling how they succeeded, gives you credibility. This sheet can be made into a PDF and delivered by email.

The final parts to your workshop is coming up with some worksheets that you can pass out and people can fill in during the start of the course.

You need to build an outline of what you are teaching and have a fill in the blanks worksheet to help people access the internal resources that they have but may never have used.

Finally, it is a good idea to have a feedback sheet for people to complete at the end. Use the feedback to improve your workshops.

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