Power of a Vision Board: What Champions and High Performers Do

Using a vision board helps to create champions and peak performance. Champion athletes often write out their goals as a list on the board and then find images to support those goals.

They often find that while they are right in the middle of needing intense motivation, they may not be able to recall a particular written goal; however the image they chose will shine bright in their mind.

When observing some athletes prior to a pole vault or a ski run, it may be noted that they are in the “zone.” This means that what they have visualized upon their vision board is now being accomplished right at that moment. Some athletes will start to make the motion of running, jumping or paddling to the point that their body believes they are actually performing.

Their intensity may be such, that their eyes roll back a bit in their head. In neuro-linguistic programming, known in short form as NLP-the idea of eye movement hard to the left, right or even upwards, means the eye muscle is activating different portions of the brain. We need to remember something for instance, it is believed when you are asked, “how are you feeling?” you will look down and to the right, in order to access an answer that matches your emotion. “I am feeling sad or I am feeling depressed,” would be a typical response. Eye movement in sports performance is something that most people do not think about. It will be the same when you start to picture thoughts in your head, in regards to creating your vision board.

High performers that create and use vision boards, in a sense are creating an ignition key, ready to fire up the brain for peak performance.

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