The Benefits of Creative Vision

Having a vision board will help put it all together for you; your goals, your motivation and much more is tied into your journals, written goals and of course the vision board.

There are benefits to using creative vision. Before you can create a vision board that will serve you, it is important to know how you feel about the elements you want on your board. If you put down on your board a picture of a nice house but it doesn’t move you, then you need to discard that.

Try sitting quietly in a comfortable chair. Clear your mind and then think about creating the perfect house. What emotions do you feel? Do you feel ecstatic, negative or just plain neutral? The benefit of using creative vision, helps to weed out what you don’t want and bring forth what truly matters to you.

Perfecting what you want, will occur when you use creative vision. You will see your vision in your mind and play with it. Alter it or tweak it as you see fit. Add colors, shapes and sounds. Think of it like this-if you want a sports car and you just picture a sports car, what sort of emotion will you feel towards it? You have the benefit of being able to make that sports car come alive in your mind by making as many creative changes as you want. What color will the car be, will there be add-ons both inside and out? How will the interior smell? When you do this, you will come up with exactly what you want and your brain will start to search for ways to make it happen.

Having a creative vision will give you the benefit of working on every area in your mind, deleting what is not needed and adding what you need to do to achieve it. You can use your creative vision on your relationships, finances, work and your spirituality just to name a few.

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