The Science Behind Vision Boards

When you see a tennis player bouncing the ball in one set motion, over and over, perhaps you are wondering what are they doing? As the tennis player is getting set to serve, they want to get into what they call the “zone.”

What they are really doing, is activating an area in their brain, that has been programmed to respond with a positive action. The neurons in the tennis players’ brain, have created what is called pathways. The first time the tennis player bounced the ball in that way to get into the zone of making an ace, a pathway was built from one neuron to another. The more the same action was repeated, the stronger that pathway becomes. It is like forging a samurai sword, where metal is bended and folded repeatedly until the sword is virtually unbreakable.

Science has looked into the process of creating positive habits and actions. They discovered how repeating a positive action whether in your mind or physically… produces the same results.

When the brain sees the action being done, over and over it believes what it sees and works on making it a reality.

The book we spoke of before, “The Science of Getting Rich” by Wallace Wattles, talks about the idea of what we pay the most attention to and then taking action on that.

By doing research, scientists now understand that we have a portion of the brain that acts like a receiver. They call this small spot, the reticular activating system. This spot in the brain picks up the information that is fed to the brain. It acts as filter, discarding what is unimportant and sending on the information it believes the brain needs. It can flag information it deems as very important and then give you an alert.

Here is a graphic example. Most people have heard the sound of a shotgun being pumped for firing. That sound is terrifying and it is very likely that your reticular activating system, “RAS” for short – has stored that as very important and gives your brain an alert if heard. Your instant reaction, would have your fight or flight response activated…adrenaline now pumping to give you energy to run and duck.

Vision boards will help your RAS, to create alerts and grab hold information that is relevant to your goals. The RAS has been tuned for a particular frequency and when a signal appears and even a weak one, it will start fine tuning until it is centered and receiving 100%.

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