Turning Your Vision Board Into an Action Board

Once your vision board is complete, realize you are not done. Yes, you will be sitting in front of the board, looking at what you have created and implanting those thoughts in your mind… to be worked on. However, we need to also take action.

Massive action will propel your vision. You need to take the items on your vision board and create an action board. This board will have the lists you need to get into action. Put down what item you want to work on from your vision board and then the action steps required to do it now.

For example, on your vision board, you might have a picture of a person sitting behind a large office desk and wrote in, “General Manager.” This might mean you are now a team leader or supervisor in your organization. Yet you know that becoming General Manager is a position you highly desire and you have a few things noted as to why that is so.

On your action board, you would continue with the General Manager theme and write down the steps you need to take now to accomplish that.

Also write down the exact time and date you will do those steps and when you expect that those steps will put you into the General Managers chair.

Getting yourself into action may require you to find a way to hold yourself accountable or have an accountability partner.

Make sure that all your actions are aligned with your values. In the case of becoming the General Manager, ask yourself will you need to do something that is against your values? Doing a short cut, that may impact another person negatively, would for most people-cause the final outcome to be tainted.

Stay positive in your mindset and your actions while preparing both the vision and action board. 

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