What Exactly is a Vision Board?

A vision board is typically a picture/word board made with the poster boards you can purchase at many stores in the office supplies or stores like Walmart. We say typically you would make this type of purchase, because that is the first type of vision board that was used by entrepreneurs. Then it was expanded and digital vision boards became popular as well.

Vision boards are a huge part of the Law of Attraction, which has become very popular over the years. Making and creating in the LOA idea, is making it known to the universe, what you want and in turn the universe works to make this come true. You do not have to believe in the Law of Attraction idea. You do need to believe that when you write down, create images and think with laser focus, about want you want to create for your life…you will make it come true.

A physical vision board that is placed over your desk, will contain images that invoke powerful positive thoughts. The images that you search for, then transfer to your board, will match the written words that are placed around the images. The images that you find in magazines or books, should be bright and positive. Many people use colored pencils to add in the written words. The color will help you to focus on the images and words. There is no limit to what you can use to write with, just choose what inspires you.

How Does it Work?

How many random thoughts go through your mind in one day? Have you ever sat down and considered that? Take a moment now and do a quick calculation.

The most likely answer that will pop into your mind; is that there are far too many thoughts in a jumbled mess and you cannot properly count them. Just to illustrate that, consider the idea once proposed that said, men think about sex every seven seconds. There is no research to back that statement up. Yet if we are truthfully, then we know that men and women think about sex frequently throughout the day. Add in all the other thoughts about family, money and work…then we can be certain most of us have unfocused minds.

A vision board helps to quiet that mind and bring clarity to what we truly want in life. Vision boards also help us to focus on making our desires come true. With a vision board, we can write our most powerful affirmations, to signal our brains that this is what we want to come true.

Let’s expand on this thought even further. We know that we need clarity in our life, if we are going to succeed. A vision board helps us to gain clarity by finding images that match exactly what our desires are. When we put a board together, we spend time searching for an image that we need, which means we will disregard a lot of images because they are not a true match. Once we find what we need, it is put on the board and then we need to match words with the image that invoke powerful feelings.

A vision board helps us to focus in several ways. Physically, the board we build, will be about the size of a big screen television.

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